Acrylic Abstract Art

​​​Lori Landis 602-576-0406

Unafraid 24 x30 acrylic  $1260

UnWavering Acrylic Gold Leaf ink 48 x 48                                         $4000


Unflappable 20x20

acrylic  $700

Undaunted Acrylic, graphite ink 48 x 48                                            $4000

Unbridled Passion For Life 40x 40

acrylic gold leaf         $2800   


​Undaunted Series - The Power of Words 

Unfazed 24 x 24 acrylic $1000

Never having used words and a white background  before in a painting, it frees the viewer from critically comparing the abstract with the meaning of the word.  

"Undaunted" -Not discouraged by difficulty danger or disappointed but to continue to try.

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