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About-My journey



​​​Lori Landis 602-576-0406

Born in Chicago, raised in Muscatine Iowa along the Mississippi River.  Moved to Des Moines then moved to Arizona.  My art journey started when I went back to college.  Took from the artist in residence of the DES MOINES art museum drawing and painting.  My journey as a professional artist started when I gained my first gallery on Main St in the Scottsdale Arts District plus got into an international show of AZ Watercolor Association.   I also was in a New York City show after entering for $35.00 an invitational.  I was only one of five asked to have artwork there out of 120 applicants.   Having  been on the Hallmark channel,  in numerous periodicals like the Phoenix Business Journal,  Scottsdale Az Central and featured in magazines I am so very grateful.

My journey continues with my art in corporate collections on the east coast and here too.  Have been in galleries from coast to coast.  Have even owned my own gallery in the Scottsdale Arts District for years   Can't wait to see what happens next!!


Acrylic Abstract Art