Acrylic Abstract Art

Energy Flows Series- Art and Stones

"Energy Flows"  4 canvases 32 x 32

acrylic and charcoal     $1800

This series I use stones as  taking off point painting on canvas what the actual stone looks like.  I include the stone on the right lower corner on a 4" square canvas.

Using the connection between the stones and God's creation and my love of the earth.

Energy Through 32x32 acrylic $1800


Energy in Deep 32x32 acrylic $1800

 From Energy 48x16 acrylic

​  $1350 

Earth Energy

​Acrylic 48x16


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Lightening 16 x 16 

Acrylic     $350

Energy ​ 48x16

 acrylic $1350