Acrylic Abstract Art

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 I was on Hallmark Channel with 3 min video



 To convey my thoughts in an intuitive abstract way, I use various media, including acrylic, collage, metals, gold or copper leaf, artist's crayon whatever the canvas or paper asks me to do.  Painting flat on high table,  I layer and glaze maybe add texture or collage. Adding and subtracting until it feels right to me.  It could take a week or months because  I need to let that painting get into my subconscious mind to percolate.  I use rich and beautiful colors to enhance my painting.

This is a journey that helps me grow as a human being and full of gratitude to God for that growth.  I know in my heart when a painting is finished which is a feeling of contentment.  

​Selected Collections: General Dynamics, North Carolina, A Private NYC Law Firm, Cigar King a commission Scottsdale and numerous private collectors from coast to coast.