Zen Lace 2 & 3 12 x 12  

  Acrylic collage $350        

Zen World VII Acrylic 39 x39 on rod 

un stretched unprimed canvas                                    $2600    

Released 32 x 32 acrylic textured 

 4 pieces                         $1800

Flight Toward Wisdom 5' x 5' on rod

un stretched acrylic canvas  $6300

Using reds I think more in the present and not the past or future, then I am alive  to each moment that passes before me.  Reds speak of a passion for life.

Thoughts in A Zen Garden



Acrylic Abstract Art

Copyright 2017 All Rights reserved

Center of Time 40 x 30 acrylic gold leaf


Thoughts in Action 36x60 acrylic


​​​Lori Landis 602-576-0406